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Here’s a collection of recent clients we’ve loved working with. Will you be next?

More love from our clients…

Nick was so personable and engaging, I loved how comfortable he made us all feel. A little humour went a long way – I would highly recommend this session to all my colleagues.


The creation of a safe and open space really allowed people’s anxieties to be explored without fear of judgement or becoming defensive. I was so impressed how the feeling in the room was continuously engaged and light, when previous discussions have felt tense/uncomfortable. Speaks a lot to Nick’s skills and knowledge that this was able to be maintained, with challenge to peoples assumptions and beliefs that felt safe.


This was such a good session even being online. It has improved my knowledge and practice. I was interested and engaged for the whole day & wanted to learn more. Best training I’ve attended for a long time.


One of the best trainers I have seen in some considerable time. Knowledgeable, inclusive and a joy to be involved in the session.